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How to Change Garage Door Opener Code - Blog Time BD
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How to Change Garage Door Opener Code

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How to change garage door opener code? Find out how to reset the garage door opener keypad code on your Chamberlain, Craftsman, or Liftmaster Garage Door Opener.

How to Change Garage Door Opener Code


Change the code on your garage door opener if you believe someone knows how to access it or if your remote control was stolen.

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Modern garage door openers come with both a remote control and a keypad, making it slightly simpler to alter the code. So, let’s go to the main content how to change garage door opener code.

Keypad-operated garage doors (Shoetcut Tricks)

  1. To access the garage door’s motor unit, place a ladder underneath the unit.
  2. Press and hold down the learn button, which is located on the motor’s side. To erase the previous code from its memory, release the button when the light next to it goes out.
  3. Press the motor’s learn button once more to turn on the light. On the keypad on the garage wall, enter the appropriate code. When the new code has been approved, the motor unit’s light will begin to flicker.
  4. Press the motor’s learn button one more time to turn on the motor’s light. Hit a button on your remote control. The remote has been programmed with the new code when the motor unit’s light begins to blink. To program all other remotes, repeat this procedure.

Doors to the garage without a keypad

  1. Remove the cover from the remote control for the garage door to reveal the switches inside. To update the codes on all additional remote controls, repeat.
  2. To alter the code, move the switches inside the remote. The remote control’s cover needs to be replaced.
  3. Position a ladder underneath the motor for the garage door. Change the motor’s switches so that the code is the same as the code in the remote control.


How to Change Garage Door Opener Code : Changes for Keypad Inputs

Here are the procedures for changing a keypad-operated door’s code:

1. Access Your Door’s Motor First

A ladder should be placed precisely beneath the door. Reach the garage door motor by climbing up on it. The motor would be on one of the two sides of the garage door.

2. Reset the motor in Step 2

When the motor has been located, the control panel may feature a “Reset” button. Press this button repeatedly until the light next to it turns off.

This will be a sign that the old code has been erased from your door’s memory and that it has been lost.

Once the light has been turned off, remove your finger from the button.

3. Type in the new code – Put in the fresh code.

Press the “Reset” button on the motor’s control panel once more. Hold the button down firmly until the light comes back on.

Use the keypad to enter the new code that you have chosen. As soon as you go inside, the light will begin to blink. That means the motor has accepted your new code, according to this indicator.

After then, hold down the button on the motor for a brief period of time until the blinking light stops. Press the button repeatedly until the light turns off again.

4. Reprogramme the remote in Step 4 – Reset the remote control

After you have stopped the motor, step away from the door and grab the remote. On the remote, press and hold a button.

You’d observe that the motor’s light would begin flashing once more after a brief delay. This proves that you were successful in reprogramming your remote with the new code.

5. Step 5: Programming Additional Remotes (If You Have Any)

The majority of folks have additional garage door remotes for different family members. Everyone is free to enter and exit as they wish without interfering with one another.

If this is the situation in your home, you would need to reprogram each remote separately following the method described in steps one through four. So, don’t worry about how to change garage door opener code.


Code Changes for Non-Keypad Entries : How to Change Garage Door Opener Code

Here are the procedures to follow in order to change the code on a door without a keypad:

1. Step 1: Take Off the Cover of the Remote Control

Remove the cover from the remote control.

If you can’t get it off with your bare hands, you can use a screwdriver to gently pry it out of the remote’s cover by inserting it where it meets the cover.

There are numerous switches behind the cover, which can be seen by removing it. These switches will be used to alter the code.

2. Step 2: Evaluate Switch Positioning

Examine the switches carefully, and then match their locations to your current garage door opener code. This will demonstrate the proper switch placement for a particular code. So, dont worry about how to change garage door opener code.

3. Reset the switches in Step 3

Reset the switches to the new code you want to use, assuming you already know it. If done correctly, this process is really simple and won’t take more than a few minutes.

4. Access the motor in Step 4

Place the ladder right underneath the engine. It should be positioned such that you can access the engine without having to climb the ladder’s top rung, as doing so puts your safety in danger.

Then, in a manner similar to how you removed the remote’s cover, remove the cover off the motor. When the lid is opened, a set of switches resembling those in the remote will be visible.


Reposition the switches as the last step : Adjust the switches – How to Change Garage Door Opener Code

Reposition the switches in the same manner as you did for the remote control, but with extreme caution. This phase determines if the entire process is successful (or unsuccessful). So take care. Thats one of the best part of how to change garage door opener code.

The remote and motor will be in sync with the new code if you correctly repositioned them. You can use it to open and close the garage door.


Some Common Question about How to Change Garage Door Opener Code

Several reasons exist for changing your garage door code?

Listed below are a few of them:

1. You Just Had Service Done at Your Residence

Have you lately painted your entire house? given the technician the key to your garage door during the process? You then have a good excuse for changing your code.

We’re not implying that the serviceman won’t attempt to break in at some point. All we’re trying to say is be careful because if you don’t update the code, your home’s safety and the safety of your car are both in jeopardy.

2. You just moved into a new house

Most new homeowners change the garage door codes as soon as they arrive at their new residences. And also with good reason.

You never learn anything about the family that occupied the home prior to your move in, provided they weren’t a relative of yours. It is safe to modify the code now to eliminate all risk.

3. Your remote control was taken

If so, you should unplug the door’s connection and close it manually as your initial course of action. No one from the outside will be able to open it thanks to this.

After that, get a new remote for your device. It ought to either

4. Theft of Your Remote Control

If so, you should unplug the door’s connection and close it by hand as soon as possible. This prevents anyone from the outside from opening it.

Get a new remote after completing that. Either a universal remote, which can be used with any garage opener, or a remote designed especially for your door should be used. Then modify the code.

5. You wish To Regulate Garage Access

The best time to change the code on your garage door openers is right now, assuming you have any resentful family members or ex-boyfriends who had access to the garage door and knew its code before they lost your trust.

How to change garage door opener code?  Garage door openers most likely continue to employ the antiquated “fixed code” method rather than the more modern, (nearly) hack-proof “rolling code” technology.

Since your safety is at risk if you continue to use an outdated garage door opener, it is advised that you change the code as soon as you can.

How Frequently Should You Modify Your Garage Door Code?

A: As long as your garage door doesn’t see a lot of vehicle traffic, you should change the code at least once every six months. In that case, you might want to change it more frequently.

What is the time commitment involved in changing the garage door code?

As long as you adhere to the aforementioned instructions, setting up a new code shouldn’t take you longer than 30 minutes.


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Putting it all together, we can say that garage door codes are susceptible to hacking. Intelligent thieves and intruders have developed inventive methods for copying the code from your remote and utilizing it to open your garage door.

You must frequently alter your garage door code because of this. The aforementioned advice will enable you to update the code in less than 30 minutes. And This post is up to date. Thanks for supporting Blog Time BD. See you next post.

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